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Automatic Micro Home Drip Irrigation Watering Kits System Sprinkler with Smart Controller for Garden

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Interior Use Only.

Use clean water only.

Automatically water your plants and flowers with precision and comfort.

Reduce water by 70% compared to traditional sprinklers by concentrating the water directly on the root.

Flowers, plants, bonsai, and fruit in pots, for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices, and other intelligent care plants.

Watering the garden, potted plants, shrubs, and trees is no longer a chore, it’s pleasure.


Material: ABS

4X 1.5V AA alkaline battery is required (Not included)

Package Content:

1 intelligent controller (pump included)

1x10M vinyl tube

10 stainless steel spring pegs

Weight0.48 kg
Dimensions550 × 500 × 100 cm


95 reviews for Automatic Micro Home Drip Irrigation Watering Kits System Sprinkler with Smart Controller for Garden

  1. S***k

    The box came all crumpled. Externally like a whole product. I'll check how it works, I'll tell you.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  2. M***N

    Everything came in whole and in full configuration, until I tried it in work, I'll add a review later
    no remark

  3. N***O

    Very fast!!!

  4. S***m


  5. I***v

    Very quick delivery

  6. J***k

    All works, only minus is no check valve, bucket must be nizej as wyciagnie all water.

  7. S***p

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  8. T***n

    Easy to use.match the description.

  9. A***r

    Great price
    no remark

  10. A***v

    In Ukraine it arrived in less than a month, the box is crumpled, but the device is fine. The technical hole on the water supply hose immediately wound with an electrical tape to avoid unnecessary water losses. Works well, the pump buzzes not loud. There is a detailed instruction in English. In general, I'm happy, I recommend the seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  11. K***l

    pas encore essayé mais a l'air de bonne qualité

  12. E***v

    насос мощнее в сером – берите лучше его, он на 200 р. подороже, но лучше
    no remark

  13. J***z

    I arrive well in time and packing

  14. P***v

    I upgraded it
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  15. R***r

    Automatic watering received. The box is broken, but everything works. Complete set. Happy.

  16. Z***h

    месяц до мск, cdek'om. Работает. Надеюсь в отпуске не подведет и спасет растения дома=)
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  17. V***a

    It was a big mess. I'm coming to bathereki TA will be responsible.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  18. W***s

    The product is excellent, as in the description, the seller is sociable, sent the instruction in Russian language. I recommend this seller. True the goods went very long (2 months, Nikolaev, Ukraine)

  19. S***y

    As in the description.
    The time of work to pour water into flowers could make longer than 99 seconds (1,6 minutes).
    When fully loaded for 8 colors, there is not enough time to fill the full pallet of the flower with water there is a large flow of water, to water 8 colors, because of this, the filling speed drops to pour into all the flowers.
    For normal operation need time reserve for watering-minutes 5 (300 seconds), and not 99 seconds as much as possible now to set in the settings.

  20. A***z

    The article works very bn something rare to use at first but the seller made my intentions easier on me language very good communication. By putting a hit and not to the seller the Spanish parcel company always mistreates the merchandise (CORROS

  21. N***r

    great product great shop. I wanted to give them 6 stars but you only can give 5 stars

  22. R***a

    Shipping very fast but the damaged box came, the product is in good condition missing to prove it, I recommend to the seller greetings

  23. G***s

    Should I still try. Unique Anti, the tube connecting pump filter is a bit short, usable only with low

  24. R***i


  25. P***r

    Goods consistent with the description and came y within deklarowanym

  26. N***i

    Very fast delivery

  27. V***S

    Delivery of 2 weeks to ekb. A track number was assigned without tracking. As a result, the Courier sdeca brought. Despite the very bad packaging (thin pupyrka + bag, the box is all cured) everything works. Instruction in Italian and English. It is configured simply, who wants to watch videos on YouTube. The pressure is very weak, tried on one branch-drips 3 drops per second. Accordingly, for 10 will be 1 drop in 3 seconds. It should be taken into account that the watering time begins from the moment the pump is turned on. T. E., the longer the branch, the more time it takes to fill the most watering tube even before the start of the watering. IMHO should be done approximately the same in the length of the branch. In general, everything suits, for watering domestic plants-quite the norms. Recommend. *****

  28. R***y

    thank you

  29. Y***y

    Got it, didn't test it.

  30. G***r


  31. I***Y

    Delivery three days, my flower is not salted and this is what you need!

  32. M***o

    Great product

  33. A***F

    Came the dented box, x everything else ok
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  34. S***i

    than you
    no remark

  35. J***s

    Fast delivery. Product as described. Very satisfied.

  36. S***Y

    Great product

  37. J***e

    No explanation in French, for the moment the device does not work.

  38. U***r


  39. S***v

    Box in the trash! Potroch must be all right!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  40. G***n


  41. B***n

    клянусь честное рекомендуем

  42. A***v

    I did not communicate with the seller. Sent fast. Track wasn't tracked. Went to Ukraine for 3 weeks with kopecks. The thing itself is good, the settings are simple, it works properly. Its money is definitely worth it. Recommend.

  43. B***a

    Годная штука, но батарейки жрет только в путь.

  44. A***s

    Выполняет свои функции на 100%. Все цветы выжили за 2 недельный отпуск.

  45. L***z

    llegó muy rápido

  46. H***c

    Product as described. Highly recommend

  47. V***i

    Продавец отправил с другим заказам. коробка пришла помятой. но все целое.
    no remarkno remark

  48. V***r

    Коробка сильно помята, но внутри всё целое. Продавца рекомендую.

  49. S***r

    Works well, easy to set up. The pump is not super strong so if you have planters that are much higher than the bucket you may need to place the bucket higher.

  50. N***v


  51. R***i

    товар отправлен и доставлен очень быстро. Качество отличное. Но какое то мудренее программирование….
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  52. L***l

    все ОК, со своими обязанностями справляется на все 100%

  53. G***o

    funziona bene , arrivato velocemente

  54. A***n

    Мне очень понравился этот аппарат для полива растений. Давольно-таки удобный в использовании. Четырёх батареек хватает практически на 1 год эксплуатации. Ставлю на 20 литровое ведро и около двух недель я спокоен за полив. Правда всё равно контролирую полив и воду. Можно в воду добавлять удобрения (хорошо растворённые). Когда выставляешь частоту полива (первая цифра программы) на верхней строке показывает через сколько часов будет полив. Вторая цифра это длительность полива в секундах. Я уже третий год использую такой аппарат. Заказ пришел очень быстро, заказал 17.08.20 а уже 25.08.20 получил в руки. Магазином доволен. Описание соответствует товару.

  55. N***t

    все окей спасибо

  56. E***z

    will need a few tools to get it all together but over all not bad.

  57. A***r

    תודה ניראה טוב
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  58. B***s


  59. L***u

    משלוח מהיר מדויק עובד טוב
    no remark

  60. O***P


  61. P***r

    Ürünü aldım fakat daha deneme sansım olmadı dürüst satıcı aynı ürün türkiyede 450 tl civarında satılıyor Dürüst sarıcı 22 tl vergi cıktı alacak olanlar düşünmeden alabilirler
    no remark

  62. Y***v

    Описание правильное, подробное, автополив на 10 выходов. Коробка пришла мятая, но содержимое – цело. Доставка СДЭК, приехали быстро и чётко по времени.
    Визуально – сделано добротно, в ближайшее время попробую в деле и дополню отзыв
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  63. H***l

    Perfekt sowie habe ich schon eine Weile gesucht

  64. F***Z

    Me gusto el producto, llegó un poco tarde pero llego.

  65. S***e


  66. A***v

    Excellent item! Thanks a lot!

  67. P***y

    Pack dotarła very fast all appears to be Wporzadku, not yet korzystałem

  68. V***h

    Everything is wonderful. Delivery to home. Fast. I recommend the goods and the seller.

  69. S***

    Fast delivery and item conform to the description. A system with mains connection would be great to avoid tedious battery management. Not tested yet but next review on the functionality. System that seems of excellent quality and delivered quickly. Thank you to the seller

  70. D***

    Works great so far.

  71. I***i

    As in the photo, complete set

  72. N***i

    fast shipping didn't try it yet but it's looks good

  73. P***a

    Funkční. Čerpadlo nemá sílu tlačit for výšky. Nádoba musí být VE stejné výšce as výtok with Hadice pokud them níže Voda neteče. Hadičky musí být stejně dlouhé to Voda Tekla rovnoměrně.

  74. M***i

    Make some effort to enter tubes but doing pressure go! Good product and delivery ahead of schedule. Great seller and store

  75. L***n

    Caleos was about 10 cm before watering. After 24 hours began to grow at a giant pace, it was heard at night that it was fragile from its growth. We're afraid. Take a watering, it works.
    no remark

  76. Y***v

    Prodect recived intact although package itself was damaged. conected to 3 plants and for now it works well.

  77. I***r

    All ok

  78. T***a

    Works. The minimum gap between the polishes is 2 hours 20 minutes. I liked it. Slightly not the usual logic of the setting, but in principle everything is clear. Thank you
    no remarkno remark

  79. N***a

    Very crumpled packing, I hope everything works
    no remark

  80. A***v

    The box came crumpled to horror. I thought there was nothing. But it works.

  81. V***o

    In Moscow in 40 days, delivered to the country home, or rather I was not at home, I had to go to the delivery point. Everything works, only the plastic clamp overcame the water supply hose and leak not only from the main feed but also from the hose. You have to do a patch somehow. Of course it's weak. So there will be almost drip watering on 10 nipples. I do not know what pool is needed to supply water, because from the pump to the control panel only 10 centimeters, so decide you need such a weak watering and with a small pump recess, therefore, or somehow extend the tube and supply the voltage to the control board or other watering from the bathroom or wide tazika. It's up to you.

  82. H***n

    Fast deliver and it works and it is what it is and easy to use

  83. M***a

    Just like the picture, I 've tried and it works though it doesn't seem to have as much power as it shows in the video. When I go to town and place it, I'll say if it's worth watering the 10 floors or not. The box has arrived dented but the content seems to be fine. Something I 'd been pissed off about is that where the batteries go I was with water, I want to think they tested it before sending it.
    no remarkno remark

  84. D***s

    Great product arrived very quickly! Thank you very much! 🙂

  85. R***j


  86. D***v

    Checked, works well. I did not immediately deal with the clock. For 30 seconds pour approximately 100 ml. I liked the device. It will come in handy when it is necessary to leave for a long time.

  87. A***a

    I order for the third time)

  88. G***n

    Well, the most important thing that works. The most it is to leave on vacation does not worry about the colors. The box of course was like… But in general, the goods are of good quality, the tubes are not cut and twisted into a single motor, which is very convenient, since you can adjust the length. In general, I'm happy with the purchase.

  89. M***n

    The product is exactly as described. Good quality. Instructions are in English and easy to understand.overall very good product

  90. M***v

    second time that I order this product. great product and good quality. I recommend this seller

  91. A***o

    There was a problem with shipping and the seller gave me the money back very quickly. Don't get to see the product

  92. F***r

    A very beautiful and worth it to buy

  93. O***t

    The pressure is weak, there is no check valve, so put it below the level, if put on top, all the water will run out.

  94. R***a

    Everything is as described.

  95. J***R

    Good. But the pump and feeble. Worth the price.

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