Cotton And Linen Tablecloth Fabric Student Desk

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Material: Cotton and linen blended

Main component of fabric: cotton

Product Category: Tablecloth

Style: Pastoral

colour :

A: Large lattice white (with lace),

B: Large grid black (with lace),

C: Large grid gray (with lace),

D:Yellow chessboard (with lace),

E: Green square (with lace),

F: pink square (with lace),

G: Lucky cat white (with lace),

H: Lucky cat blue (with lace),

I: diamond grid (with lace),

J: and style (with lace),

K: Coffee grid (with lace),

L: fish scale pattern (with lace),

M: Brush writing (with lace),

N: British style (with lace),

O: The Wizard of Oz (with lace),

P: Rainforest (with lace),

Q: Small sailboat (with lace),

R: Autumn leaves (with lace),

S: Flamingo green (with lace),

T: Flamingo red (with lace),

U: Sunflower (with lace)

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Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 40 cm

100X140CM, 110X160CM, 120X120CM, 120X170CM, 130X180CM, 150X150CM, 150X200CM, 150X220CM, 30X60CM, 75X75CM, 90X150CM, 90X90CM


I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P


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