Model S X car wireless charger

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Material: ABS+PC

Input voltage: 9V/1.67A, 9V/0.83A, 5V/2A (V)

Output voltage: 22 (V)

Working temperature: -20°-70° (℃)

Output interface: USB

Product size: 30*17.5*10cm

Product name: Multifunctional car wireless charger for Tesla Model S X

Accessories description: standard 5V car charger, fast charging need to buy 9V car charger

Product selling points:

1. 10W fast charging solution, the plastic shell is only 1.2mm, the thinnest part of the silicone pad is only 0.8mm (the thickest part is 1.3mm), a total of 2.5mm!

2. The silicone anti-skid pad that has been improved many times by the private model is light and non-slip!

3. LED indicator, always show charging status;

4. The 3-coil solution can be charged even if the placement position changes;

5. FOB foreign body detection, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, high temperature automatic power-off;

6. The bottom plug-in design, even without wireless charging, can be used as a storage box;

7. It comes with a Type-c wired charger and a USB interface with a dust cover to provide kinetic energy for other electronic devices;

8. Two cup holders suitable for 16oz or less;

Weight0.70 kg
Dimensions300 × 175 × 100 cm



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