Mushroom air purifier table lamp

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The air purification desk lamp achieves super dust removal, sterilization and fresh air effects by releasing a large amount of negative ions. At the same time, negative ions have a refreshing effect

Equipped with a mushroom-shaped desk lamp to create a jungle-like feeling, touch-sensitive stepless adjustment switch to adjust the brightness at will, efficient and energy-saving, in addition to the use of LED lights

1. This product does not include a power plug;

2. The air purification function can only be used when an external power supply is available. The built-in rechargeable battery is for lighting use only.

Long life, no need to replace accessories, zero radiation.

[Product Features]

1. The effect of dust removal, sterilization and air purification by the negative ion function is remarkable.

2. Generate 8 * 1 million / cm3 high concentration of negative ions per second

3. 48 high-brightness LED lamp beads in the lamp can be used as a table lamp to meet the needs of reading and learning.

4. Promise adjustment switch, you can adjust the brightness at will, not only can be used as a table lamp, but also can be used as a night lamp, to meet the needs of sleep fear of lighting.

5. It has the effect of beautifying the home space and purifying the environment.

Size: 17.7cm in diameter and 21.1cm in height

Weight0.53 kg
Dimensions250 × 215 × 195 cm



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