NoiseBlock™ Cube-O-Metric Panel (10pcs)

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NoiseBlock Acoustic Cube Foam Pro is designed for more professional applications such as for home cinema, music rooms and professional studios. It is a medium to high-density foam and fairly thick help it to also act as a base trap and control a wider range of frequencies.

The added benefit from this product is the ability to tune the room with its special design functionality. Using Deflector and diffuser mini panels you can mount them to the foams array. This allows for tuning of the NRC (noise reflection coeficantlcy) of the foam panel itself and in turn the Reverberation Time of the environment it has been installed in

• Authentic Genuine Soundproofing Product
• Professional Molding of Acoustic Environments
• High Anti Reverberation through diffusion
• The panel can be tuned (reflectors sold separately)

• NRC VALUE: 0.65
• RT Prediction: 2.0ms (cover ceiling and wall)
• STC: 4