Polish Colored Ceramic Underglaze Tableware Set

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Product information :

Material: ceramics

Pattern: plants and flowers

Style: retro style

Shape: round

Colors: 4.25 dishes (240 PCs/box), 4.8 bowls of rice bowls, 6.5 bowls (72 PCs/box), 9.5-inch relief bowls (48 PCs/box), 9.5-inch soup bowls with two ears (32 PCs/box), 7-inch deep bowls (60 PCs/box), 8-inch bowls (48 PCs)

Size Information:

Diameter: 10-10.9 cm, 11-11.9 cm, 12-12.9 cm, 14-14.9 cm, 16-16.9 cm, 18-18.9 cm.

Packing list:

Bowl *1, dish *1, cup *1

Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions380 × 220 × 54 cm

12inch fish plate, 4.25discs, 4.8inch rice bowls, 6.5inch bowl, 7inch deep plate, 8inch disc, 9.5inch double ear soup bowl, 9.5inch rectangular plate, 9.5inch relief bowl


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