Portable Foot Massage Cushion With USB Charging

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  1. Product Information:

  2. Power Mode: USB
  3. Control Mode: Computer
  4. Applicable Parts: Legs, Feet
  5. Massage Technique: Patting, Massage, Finger Pressing, Percussion, Kneading
  6. Massage Contacts: 4
  7. Working Hours: 15 Minutes
  8. Working Current: 50ma
  9. Working Voltage: 3.7V (Polymer Lithium Battery)
  10. Mode Strength: 6 Modes, 15 Levels
  11. Color:
  12. 1-Lithium Battery 1 Set (Charging Model),
  13. 2-Digital Display – Chinese,
  14. 3-Digital Display – English,
  15. 4-Remote Control 1-Chinese,
  16. 5-Remote Control 1-English,
  17. 6 – Battery Style,
  18. 7-Single Piece Massage Pad (Not Equipped With Main Unit),
  19. Size Information:
  20. Packing List:
    1*Foot Massager


1. Clean the feet you want to take care of; place the foot pad massager flat on the massager, turn on the remote control massage, adjust the appropriate force

Degree massage.

2. When the host is turned on, press and hold M/+ for three seconds to turn it on, the blue light is on, and there are 6 lights in 6 modes, and when it is turned off, press OFF/- until zero

Gear position, then long press the M button to turn off, remotely turn on

3. The host has 6 massage modes to switch. 6 massage modes: kneading, hammering, acupuncture, massage, shiatsu…

4. Adjust the intensity; when you press “ON/+”, the pulse intensity increases; when you press “OFF/-“, the pulse intensity decreases.

5. It is recommended to use 30 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day. The use time for each massage is 30 minutes. The machine has 30 points

Clock time setting means that when the customer uses 30 minutes, the machine will be suspended. If you need to continue to use it, you need to

To press M again

6. Apply 1-2 times a day.

7. The effect of using the instrument 30 minutes after a meal or bath is good.

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions360 × 160 × 30 cm

1Color, 5Color, Black Color Box




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