Prince Charming Gift Printed Gift Box Bow Gift Box

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Product information:

Material: Paper products

Packaging level: Sales packaging/terminal packaging

Purpose: Gift box

Specifications: Double door small 24*14*8cm, double door medium gift box 21*18.5*8.5cm, double door large gift box 29.5*20.5*9cm, double door oversized gift box 33*24.5*11.5cm, in the sky and earth cover No. gift box 21*19*8.5cm, world cover large gift box 29*21*9cm, small gift bag, medium gift bag, large gift bag, oversized gift bag, customized contact customer service

(A) Opposite door small size 24*14*8cm

(B) Opposite door medium gift box 21*18.5*8.5cm

(C) Large gift box with double door 29.5*20.5*9cm

(D) Oversized gift box with double door 33*24.5*11.5cm

(E) Tiandi cover medium gift box 21*19*8.5cm

(F) Large gift box with heaven and earth cover 29*21*9cm

(G) Small gift bag

(H) Medium gift bag

(I) Large gift bag

(J) Oversized gift bag


Gift box X1

Weight0.30 kg
Dimensions240 × 140 × 80 cm

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J


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